Announcing GameCommerce PlayAds™ on Facebook

Target your ads to moms with teenage kids? Check. Target someone with a birthday coming up soon. Check. Target people who are within 5 miles of your store? Sure. Announcing GameCommerce PlayAds™ on Facebook. You can now get the rich, interactive, gamified ads of GameCommerce on Facebook’s powerful ad platform.

Facebook has been an integral part of people’s lives for many years now. New data shows Facebook’s powerful presence in people’s mobile lives as well. According to a recent comScore report, Facebook was the #1 app in terms of time spent for nearly half of its users. And it is a top 5 app for nearly 90% of its user base.

Facebook is also the top app among millennials with over 21% of the time spent on it. So, in essence Facebook dominates people’s mobile lives in terms of both reach and engagement.

GameCommerce’s PlayAds are made for mobile. Our vision is to make user interactions with brands and products fun and engaging, rich and immersive – almost like playing a mini game. And mobile offers us a perfect canvas not only as a rich interaction platform but also due to the fun user attitude it engenders.

Now, we can offer advertisers the same fun and interactive ads on a rich, targeting platform as Facebook. We are excited about the possibilities for advertisers and can’t wait to enable them.

To learn more about GameCommerce PlayAds or to access our ad gallery, contact us at We’d love to understand your goals and see how we can help.