Marketers – Are you ready for Mobile Stories?

Mobile Stories are becoming the predominant way people consume and share content on mobile. Research indicates over 1B daily active users interacting with Mobile Stories. The format pioneered by Snapchat has been emulated across Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp and brought into the daily lives of a vastly larger number of people than ever before. The success of the format has seen adoption across the spectrum by companies like Youtube, Google AMP, Skype, and even AirBnB recently announcing their own Stories section.

(Chart created by GameCommerce with data sourced from eMarketer, BlockParty, Facebook F8 Presentations)

What exactly is a Mobile Story?

Simply put, a mobile story is a full-screen, bite-sized content experience. The content could be in the form of a video, a picture, a gif, an interactive quiz or a playable game.

Unlike the news-feed format, where you’re scrolling up/down, you navigate Stories by tapping or swiping left/right. In several cases, you can swipe up to read a full article, view a longer version of the video or engage with the playable game.

If you’re a content creator, you should love the Stories format. You have the entire screen of the device for your canvas to tell your story. So, you have the full attention of the user. You have all the interactions and gestures typically native to devices available at your disposal. And depending on the app you’re in, you have access to camera and audio feeds, so you can create Augmented Reality or interactive voice based experiences. In all, Stories is the content format built from the ground-up for mobile, and is proving to be the most effective in the mobile-first generation of users.

At GameCommerce, we’ve seen people spend up to 2-4 minutes per session on our Playable Stories. Nearly a third of people re-engage with our Playable Stories over multiple days. This is great news for marketers trying to generate awareness for their brands and products. In addition, users engage with the post-playable call-to-action – whether to visit a landing page, watch a movie trailer or install an app, 3-5X higher than market average. This shouldn’t be a surprise – if you present your story in a fun, engaging and interesting format, people will engage with it, learn about your product and self-select to convert.

So, if you’re a marketer, you should consider adding Mobile Stories to your portfolio for engaging your customers. With GameCommerce’s Creator platform, you can create a Playable Story quickly and easily and launch it on any platform – social media, paid or earned, native or web apps.

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