Pioneering technology that delivers industry leading results

We specialize in build once, deploy anywhere technology. Our products are based on HTML standards and bring an app like experience to your app, browser, or anywhere HTML can be served. We’re seeking to bring the engaging app experience to outside the app.

Our technology engine let’s us build and deploy fun, interactive experiences quickly at scale with no sacrifice to quality. We’re the leader in load times, cutting-edge features & augmented reality experiences. We also give you next-level analytics that no other ad campaign can come close to.


Our BitBuilder makes using our platform fun and easy for anyone, not just the seasoned developer. Export PSDs and upload them into our system to get started with your graphics. Then use our tools to create character controls, scoring, animations, physics, etc. Anything your game needs can be done with clicks not code.

Choose a template to get started or upload your own idea. Use javascript, our own natural game language (Game NL), or select options in the interface. Get your ideas down fast. Easily share with anyone with a mobile device to play test. Bitbuilder makes it easier than ever to build and play your own games.


Computer Vision / AI

For our Augmented Reality games, our AI system has been fine tuned to process, recognize and understand images captured by your device. As it continues to expand it’s understanding, it grows it’s image recognition capabilities. We are also able to teach it based on any image you would like it to recognize.



Our Intelliplay contextual targeting system is able to pin-point the correct demographic and smartly serve your game. We also serve different iterations based on knowing what users have already seen.



We allow your game to be deployed anywhere or easily scale with variants into different locations. Any game you create as optional geolocation filters so you can target only who you want to play.



Want people to use your ad like their favorite app? Use our scalable leaderboards to grab them and compete with their friends on social media. Users can compare their scores with friends, regionally, or world-wide while competing in tournaments for prizes.


Photoshop to code

We have developed a way for designers to design in Photoshop and upload their file to our tool to convert it to HTML5 web content. Image sequences, buttons, positioning, text boxes, and vector assets are all converted magically into their HTML counterpart without a single line of code.

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