Playing for a Great Smile

How do you get the attention of your teenage audience who supposedly have a low attention span and a high bar to be impressed? How do you engage them in a way that feels fun for them so they not only leave happy from the encounter, but also respond to your call to action? That was the challenge that Invisalign and their agency ColleMcVoy faced recently. With the BrandPlayable created using our platform, they were able to engage teenage audience to learn about Invisalign’s brand through a fun soccer-themed experience.

From developing creative to using our Creator platform, the Invisalign Soccer Game was built and launched to successfully to incorporate elements of the Invisalign brand. Users played with the Invisalign mouth guard to block soccer balls from making it into the goal, and collected a 2X point booster as they learned details about the Invisalign treatment. In addition, as users advanced from one round to the next, a product screen continued to build awareness for the brand.

ColleMcVoy drove the campaign and the results. Through a call-to-action on the end screen of the Playable, users were asked to take Invisalign’s Smile Quiz consultation. The results we saw with the campaign for user time and users taking the Smile Quiz were excellent and exceeded the expectations of the brand.

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